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Reuploading of my old circuit machines-thingy

I'm gonna reupload some machines that I made and posted on the old forums, good thing I saved them on my computer...

The Basic Logic Gates

These are the base logic gates using modifiers.
The logic gates included are:
NOT(for each input), AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR.
Input A is controlled with the button 1, and input B is controlled with the button 2.

Dividing values

This circuit will divide an input in the form 0.abcd... into three parts:
1: 0.a
2: 0.b
It's accuracy isn't so good as the game uses floating point and this circuit manipulates decimals.

Modular Adding concept

It's not perfect, and as above it's working with decimals. It shows the concept of how to do it.


The input should be as such: 0.abcccccc...
a-> 0 for read, 1 for write.
b-> address 0 to 9.
ccccc... -> if a is 1, writes 0.ccccc... into address b.

For example: 0.10112 will write 0.112 to address 0(output will be 0), while 0.00 will read from address 0(and show 0). 0.125 will write 0.5 into address 2(output will be 0), while 0.02 will read from adress 2(output will be 0.5).

It uses the dividing concept, and thus decimals, so it's accuracy is limited.

Clock types

This simply shows 2 clock types, 1 uses the battery editing to make a square wave, the other uses a modifiers loop.

Counting down, with reset

This will count down from 1 to 0 in intervals of 0.1 every time you click C, to reset, click R.
I've also made a counter that counts up and loops, but I haven't save the machine on my computer, it was saved on the old forums, I'll be happy if someone could retrieve it, for now you can see it on youtube(it uses a modifier loop as input):

Not-purely-circuits Random Number Generator

This uses the fact that the physics engine isn't perfect to spit out numbers every time you hold then release the button A.

I hope those help you.

On a side note:
I might make my divider divide into bits instead of decimal locations some time, simply requires dividing into 0.5, 0.25, 0.125, 0.0625...(1/2,1/4,1/8,1/64... , I sure wish I had modifiers that worked on binary numbers instead of decimals)
If you have any problems with your machines I'll be happy to assist.
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Re: Reuploading of my old circuit machines-thingy

Great! A programmer. Always helpful to have around and keeps me trying to catch up. Glad you joined us.

Who is John Galt?
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