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The wonderful world of Meccano...

I hope fellow forum members will find this coffee break article interesting, it highlights a different type of 3D universal construction application that does not include a physics engine.

Meccano was the British equivalent of the American metal construction toy called Erector Set which was manufactured by the A.C. Gilbert Company from 1911. Meccano was invented by Frank Hornby in 1901.

It is now possible to build virtual 3D Meccano models using a stand alone Windows OS software called VirtualMEC. The software is fully functional and free.

Building models with VirtualMEC is the same as building models with the real Meccano using nuts, bolts and washers. VirtualMEC includes more than 750 different parts and the parts can be bent into shape if required.

You can build every type of model, show it in different renderings, print it, apply different colour schemes to it and share model files with other users. Once you have built a model, you can playback the whole building process from the first part to the last one, as a continuous movie or one part at a time.

This building a Scooter demonstration video will give you a idea of the building process.

To download the software you just need to register and then press submit.

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